R&D proposals

EURETITALIA s.r.l. has the ability to set up the research team needed for handling the complex tasks of developing innovative intermodal transport services & operations, involving sector & market studies, regulatory analysis, technological & organisational research. EURETITALIA s.r.l. is involved in several areas of Transportation Research and is presently focussing on the development of the following research proposals, open to your contribution:


Innovative equipment for the horizontal transhipment of standard load units and innovative small boxes, capable of improving the services of the freight logistic chain both in the freight terminals and in train stations.

Optimisation of the use of single wagon load rail traffic and of the semi trailers in the intermodal transport chain, to ameliorate the competitivity of the rail freight transport.

Intelligent rail wagons supporting passengers services based on informatics & Telematics and new rolling stock equipment with ‘on-board intelligence’ for remote diagnosis & maintenance of wagons


Urban and inter-urban freight delivery based on innovative vehicles and logistic management, capable of reducing freight traffic congestion and pollution in the central urban areas.

Innovative use of public transport (underground & surface) for freight delivery in urban and metropolitan areas with the development of adapted vehicles & transhipment equipment.

Waste management & transport schemes for urban and inter urban areas with the adoption of environmental friendly vehicles and logistic management supported by telematics & informatics tools.


Development of road pricing & tariffs schemes both for passenger traffic and urban freight delivery, including the identification and dissemination of best practices from existing schemes. 

Analysis of the cost structure of door-to-door intermodal freight transport services with specific reference to the EU Accession Countries and the long distance freight transport.


Market Analysis, Technology Transfer, Feasibility Studies on Transport Infrastructures, Logistics and Transport.

Transport Planning in E. U., Accession and Developing Countries .

If you consider to contribute to the mentioned areas of research in order to develop specific projects to be submitted for E.C. and international donors support, you can request additional information to: